The C word

After a biopsy came the wait. Then the phone call. I have cancer. Of course the dr keeps talking but my mind has shut down and keeps screaming that word. I was younger, still had my kids to finish raising. I had a live in boyfriend, but to be honest never wanted to remarry after […]

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The first

My story started in 2004. I had a tiny bump on my right cheek near my jaw last me come up. To be honest I thought it was a type of pimple. Blew it off. A couple months later as I was putting on makeup I realized it was still a there. It had gotten […]

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My story

By sharing my story I hope it will help someone to know they are not alone. I have battled a gland cancer for the second time. So far I’m winning! Being told you have cancer is a very scary feeling. For me my mind was going around and around asking why me? Why again? I […]

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